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What is SPAM?

Spam is unsolicited commercial email. It is sent to people that have not requested it in an attempt to solicit the receiver to do something. Some examples are soliciting the receiver to buy something, to look at something like a website, or an attempt to steal information by soliciting a response. The response may take the receiver to a website or just confirm they found a "good" email address to send to. Unfortunately, most spam originates overseas and therefore cannot be governed here in the United States. Due to the large number of spam emails that arrive daily, companies and organizations are forced to look at other solutions to help control this nuisance. Here at The University of Toledo, we reviewed several software solutions to combat spam and selected MailFrontier to assist us in this management effort. UT receives about 110,000 messages per day of which 70% appear to be spam. That equates to about 82,000 junk messages per day. That’s a lot of junk email!

Here is a brief description of how the spam filtering process works. Email sent to UT is received by the Spam Filter server. This server looks up the address of the UT account being sent to and checks the filtering level the user has selected. The possible filter levels are:

  1. None
  2. Low
  3. MedLow
  4. Med
  5. MedHigh
  6. High
  7. TagOnly
  8. UserCustom

The server uses its filtering rules to determine whether to pass the email to the account’s mailbox or quarantine the message as potential spam. The message is unchanged by the filter, unless the TagOnly option is chosen; whereby, the message header is modified to include the message of [Spam] or [Likely Spam]. If the message is quarantined because it appears to be spam, the server puts the email message into its quarantine area. A daily notification can be emailed to the account to notify the user of quarantined messages. The user then logs into the quarantine area and can review the messages and release them as desired. The system has user configurable options to control the filtering of messages and notification processes.

To change your spam filter level, please visit: http://myutaccount.utoledo.edu/

For help setting up your spam filter level see Using MyUTAccount below

Using MyUTAccount

The first screen is the login screen.

Here you need to enter your UT Student ID / Employee ID and Birthdate, then click the Find Account button.

The next screen is the User Authentication question and answer.

Once you answer your question, Click the Submit button.

Next is the UTAD Account Management Manage Your Services screen

Click the Set Spam Filter Level button

The next screen is the Set SPAM Filter Level

Select the desired level and click the Set button

The last screen Confirms the changes, click Confirm to Logout of MyUTAccount

Using the MailFrontier Web Interface

Getting Started

This document covers instructions for levels 1-5 & 7 (User Custom)

If you selected NoFilter(0) or TagOnly(6), you will NOT have a quarantine and cannot login to the system as outlined below.

Using your internet browser, go to: https://junkmail.utoledo.edu/
This site requires a 128bit SSL enabled browser.

Your login account is your UTAD user id and password.

Please Note:
Some screens will have a check box ("Adhere to Group Defaults") that you will need to uncheck to make any changes.

Once you make changes, you need to click the Apply Changes button to save them.

Junk Box

Once you successfully login in, you will see the Junk Box View

This is where any quarantined mail will be held for 30days. You can select as many messages as you wish by checking the check box and then clicking an action button like Delete, which permanently deletes the messages from the quarantine. If you select UnJunk, the messages will be released to your email account AND the senders will be white listed (safe sender) for you automatically. That means that those senders will not be blocked in the future, unless you manually remove them from your white list, which is covered below.

Anti-Spam Techniques

By selecting (expanding) Anti-Spam / Anti-Phishing then People, you will be taken to the following screen:

Here is your white list, where you can add or remove "Allowed" & "Blocked" information. On the left side is a set of choices, they are defined below:


(Above, This is the default screen)
Email addresses of specific people, like: user@hotmail.com


Company domains like: mailfrontier.com


Email addresses of list servs, like: listserv1@utoledo.edu

Anti Spam Agressiveness

This is where you control your personal settings on how to filter different types of spam.

For Spam filtering Levels Low – High (1 -5) you can move the settings up, but not down. If you are in Level 3, Levels 4 & 5 are available to move up to, but you cannot move below 3. This will be corrected in a future release of MailFrontier so you will NOT be able to change the levels at all unless you opt into User Custom.

If you are in User Custom, you can control these settings for your own preference up and down.

Foreign Languages

Here you can tell it to "block all" or "allow all" based on language


The last screen is Settings, where you have two options: Delegate and Junk Box Summary.



Email address of the people you want to have access to your spam settings / quarantine

To give someone access to your junk box (add a delegate), Click the Add button

You need to know the primary email address of the person you are adding. Normally this is either their: FirstName.LastName@utoledo.edu or UTADuserid@utnet.utoledo.edu

You can also search by using the first few characters of either of the addresses and click Go. It will attempt to match them to an email address and show you the results to pick from. See the screen shot below:

To sign in as another user that has delegated you control of their junk box, click the link in the lower left corner "Sign In as My Delegates"   This link is available from any web page in your junk box.

Note: This link will NOT show up unless you have been delegated access to another mailbox

Junk Box Summary

Set how often your "Daily Digest" (List of quarantined email) is emailed to you.
This screen shot is the default setting for all users:

Mail Flow Diagram

This is a diagram of the email flow with MailFrontier